Here you can see the first PC using tUSBe.

A cool laptop with a couple of outsdanding old school tubes, the best of both worlds.

The warm valve light is perfect for the black look of this laptop, just like valves glow inside a black vintage Marshall amp.

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tUSBe prototype number 1 

WARNING: the device described here can be dangerous for you, for the people around and for your equipments.

DISCLAIMER: you can build or use this device at your own risk.

Please be careful. Security first !!!

Finally I built the tUSBe prototype number 1.

It's only an USB halogen lamp, but has the look I was searching for.

It's made starting from a 60W 12V halogen car lamp and a AM-AM USB adapter, that are very cheap.

You can see the steps in this photos:

1) the components before the cure
2) the components after the cure
3) hub powered test

Powering this prototype with a powered hub can make it glowing and then hot, so be careful.

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tUSBe for MusicBaby 

This photo shows a MusicBaby with a tUSBe flash drive.

MusicBaby has an USB port and can play MP3 from any source via USB.

With tUSBe every device of this kind get the fascinating look of an old valve radio.

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Nixie USB 

"This is a USB hub with four Nixie tUSBe tubes"

The Nixie tUSBe tubes can display numbers, the USB port allows to drive the tubes with an easy to use software.

This software expose a set of web-services to remotely control the displayed numbers.

There are a lot of applications for Nixie tUSBe tubes, such as timers, clocks, performance monitors and many others.

Ok, even this it's just an idea, by now ...

The photo is actually a real nixie clock

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TUBE + USB = tUSBe  

We are glad to introduce you tUSBe

For the first time in a single device the cool precision of the digital world is melt with the warm emotion that only a vintage valve can give.

tUSBe is emotion at first sight, arousing our curiosity about its fields of application.

The first things we think is music, and infact tUSBe can be an MP3 palyer with RS-MMC expansion slot.

But tUSBe can also be a digital receiver, a bluetooth adapter, an irda adapter, in general it can do everything a little USB device can do, but with a very particular style.

tUSBe will conquer you, and you would get one, or more likely you will collect them all.

And now the question, how much does it cost ?

tUSBe is free !!!

tUSBe it's only an idea, is here, over the internet, who wants can make it real.

We will be very glad to publish the photos of your realizations in this blog, as well as we will be very glad to receive one as a gift :)

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